CoraB x Baubles Reputation


Reputation is Taylor’s darkest styled album and was published in response to the public scrutiny on her private life and public persona as she rose to global stardom. The album is a narrative of a protagonist expressing her anger and subsequent vengeance against her wrongdoers and finally finding solace in a blossoming love. The album’s styling was a huge change from her America’s Sweetheart country pop persona and the music has elements of rap, EDM, and urban sounds. This was her first big experiment in her fan driven puzzles for marketing. Instead of any public press to promote the album, Swift cleared her entire website and social media. This album coincided with a prolonged hiatus where she felt that to be successful ever again the public needed a break from her. During her retreat from public appearances, Reputation was written as a “defense mechanism” against media scrutiny and online hate. In a 2023 Time interview, she described the album's creation as "a goth-punk moment of female rage at being gaslit by an entire social structure." The main imagery for the branding of the album is deconstructed newspaper in black and white and snakes to portray the issues in the media and the snakes that seem to always be hiding to attack her.

For the portrait, one of the stills from the photoshoot of reputation with a wet hair look that darkens her signature blonde locks. The background blends directly into her black shirt giving her the illusion of a nearly floating head. The only color in the piece are her piercing blue eyes and a darkened version of her iconic red lip. The background is covered in intertwined silver snakes.

This piece was created by Cora B. Gallery for the Eras Collection in conjunction with Baubles by Bella Bella. It currently hangs in their foyer installment as part of the Cora B. Gallery artist in residency for the store. The piece is for sale along with the rest of the collection in store and on this website. Limited signed and numbered prints of this piece are available for purchase. When purchasing, this piece is not available to take home until August 13th so the full installment can stay on display through the summer.

Please allow additional time for shipping since this piece is an original artwork.

This piece is a 20x20 inch round canvas and finished in acrylic resin.