CoraB x Baubles 1989


1989, so titled for Swift’s birth year, was written to be a symbolic rebirth for the artist. This was the first album not to be marketed in the country genre. The album explores relationships that faced a great deal of media scrutiny most notably her short lived romance with Harry Styles and the tabloid coverage that blemished her “America’s Sweetheart Image” as she aged. It also has clear influences from her relocation from Nashville to New York City and a period of romantic attachment leading to an influx of creative ideas. The artwork from the original album cover shows her Swift in a polaroid from the mouth down in a sweatshirt covered in seagulls. For the re-release, Swift took inspiration from this sweatshirt and staged the photoshoot on the beach in casual clothing with minimal styling. This served as inspiration for this beach scene painting for the artist. The aim was to capture her carefree movement in the wider setting of the ocean to bring the sense of vintage nostalgia that goes along with the album.

This piece was created by Cora B. Gallery for the Eras Collection in conjunction with Baubles by Bella Bella. It currently hangs in their foyer installment as part of the Cora B. Gallery artist in residency for the store. The piece is for sale along with the rest of the collection in store and on this website. Limited signed and numbered prints of this piece are available for purchase.

When purchasing, this piece is not available to take home until August 13th so the full installment can stay on display through the summer. Please allow additional time for shipping since this piece is an original artwork.

This piece is a 20x20 inch round canvas and finished in acrylic resin.