20x20 Marie Antoinette Canvas

By Cora B

Size & Fit

Size as displayed

Marie Antoinette in Red & White / Yellow&Pink
This one of a kind piece is a 20x20 inch round canvas finished in a hand-poured poly acrylic resin. It includes various stone appliques in her hair and necklace. Marie has strands of pearls in her hair, rubies and pearls around her neck and on her earrings, and a design along the neckline of her dress. The background is a hand drawn pattern of various Rococo style drawn women designed by the artist in red ink. The different women and men in the designs were created to portray a fabulous, over the top party held at the Palace of Versailles.

This piece was created for the Sparkling Collection for Baubles by Bella Bella. It currently hangs in their foyer installment as part of the Cora B. Gallery artist in residency for the store. The piece is a bright, gorgeous piece in pink, red, and pearly whites. The piece is for sale along with the rest of the collection in store and on this website. Please allow additional time for shipping since this piece is an original artwork.