Luminous Sparkle Placemat


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Brighten your table with our Luminous Rainbow Placemat, adorned with colorful rhinestones for a dazzling effect. Durable, spill-resistant, and easy to clean, it's perfect for a cheerful dining experience.

Chase away a rainy day with our bright and beautiful Luminous Rainbow Placemat! This colorful placemat brings a burst of positivity and energy to your table, creating a cheerful dining ambience.

This rainbow-shaped placemat features our signature Luminous material and is adorned with thousands of colorful multifaceted rhinestones bonded to a flexible resin layer, ensuring brilliance and durability. The rainbow design not only brings a cheerful atmosphere but also serves as a protective layer with its rubberized backing, guarding your table against spills and condensation.

Measuring 7” x 18” and radiating a dazzling play of light, the Rainbow Placemat provides ample space dinnerware and gives you creative license to display your utensils in a unique way.

When it comes time to clean, just run the placemat under water and use a delicate brush to remove any debris. Place on a drying rack and your Rainbow Placemat will be all ready to shine again!

Crafted from thousands of multifaceted rhinestones bonded to a layer of flexible resin.
Dazzling array of colors to bring joy.
Easy to clean. Hand Wash with soap and water and allow to air dry.

Washing Instructions Hand wash with mild soap and water, using a gentle brush to remove residue. Place in drying rack.
Material Resin Rhinestones
Length 9
Width 0.1
Height 17