Lip Lip Hooray! Lipstick


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Lip Lip Hooray!
Champagne lip-gloss is a thing!
What a unique gift idea especially for wine and make-up lovers alike.
Available in 3 amazing combinations of scents; Mango Bellini, Champagne & Strawberries, Orange Mimosa
An exclusive formula with highly pigmented colors leaves a beautiful and even stain on your lips.
The applicator is designed to taper off at the end, which makes it easy to shape and line your lips for a clean and perfectly applied lip. All it takes is one swipe.
The formula blends in the perfect balance of vitamin E, cotton seed oil, green tea oil and mango oil is what locks in the moisture.
A single layer of color will get you through the day without drying out.
Easy and fun container makes one smile each time used.
Dimensions: lip gloss: 3 1/2" H x 3/4" Diameter