20x20 Frida Kahlo Canvas

By Cora B

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Frida Kahlo - 20x20 Inch Round Canvas
Frida Kahlo was one of the most beloved Mexican artists, and her work resonated across the globe and many cultures. Through a life of several illnesses and tragedies, she used art to portray her innermost feelings and sensations; as she grew as an artist, her work fit more in with the realist and surrealist movements. Her childhood home, known as Casa Azul, became a museum in her honor following her death to honor her notoriety and love in the Mexican community.

This piece is 20x20 inches and finished in acrylic resin. This piece features Frida in pinks & florals with a pattern of golden ginkgo leaves as the background.

This piece was created for the 2022 FLOURISH show in connection with Baton Rouge’s own Local Supply. The piece now hangs in Baubles by Bella Bella Baton Rouge.