Waterproof "Anna" Jacket


Size & Fit

Fit is true to size

New fabric developed by Ciao Milano. Soft durable flowing fabric that is not only 100% water proof but extremely rich looking. Looks like a million dollars. Same style, hardware, specs and fit with zip in pouch hood as the famous Tess style.

Care Instructions: Best results for washing rain jackets and down items: Enclose your item in a pillow case and tie the end of the pillow case in a knot. Delicate wash cold water. Put pillow case and tumble dry. Dry clean or hand wash, line dry. On down product you might want to add a couple of tennis balls in the pillow case.

Please Note: The difference between water resistance and water proof simply is water resistance protects you in a light rain. You will get drenched in a down pour after 1 minute. Water proof means you can sit in down pour forever and not get wet.

Size Chart: XS- 0-2, S- 2-4, M- 6-8, L- 10-12, XL- 12-14. Depending on bust size could go up one size.